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The Flexsurfing Flexboard

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About Us

Flexsurfing is a Danish company with an unique patented Danish design. The company was established in 2012 and has been producing the quality waveboard ever since. Knowing that the street board market has grown explosively in the last few years, we are proud of the fact that we have the most long-lasting wave board on the market. The Flexboard is unique because of its special design but not at least because of our passion for waveboarding. We are thrilled every time we see a rider on a Flexboard - especially because we know that our wave board will withstand all the tricks, needed to be tested!

Your Flexsurfing Journey Starts Here

The Flexsurfing Board

The Flexsurfing Flexboard differentiates from other waveboards thanks to its unique Danish patented design. Between the wheels you see the rotatable flexible steel tube that supports and helps the movement which creates the momentum. This whole function and way of the direct connection with the wheels is what our patent is all about, and which also makes our board ride faster, provides better steering and of course the most important: Makes the Flexboard unbreakable when compared to other streetboards.

360 Degrees Rotation

The Flexsurfing Flexboard is unique in its design and the wheels are made so they can rotate 360 degrees.

Surfing Sensation All Year Around

With the Flexsurfing Flexboard you can experience the true surf feeling without being dependent on waves and sunshine.

Improved Grip

The Flexsurfing waveboard has more grip fields on its platforms than other waveboards to provide a better grip between your feet and the board. This feature also enhances control of your board under both driving and stunts.

Easy and fun to ride

Anyone can become a competent flexsurfer with just a few hours of practice!